One of the most common problems faced by lots of women related to makeup is the creasing of concealer under the eyes. There is no one particular rule in applying makeup but there are different techniques that are worth trying to get the right thing that works for you. What works for one doesn’t have to work for everyone, hence it is important to keep on trying because one thing is for sure, you will get it!

So I have here different methods for you to try hope it will help.

  1. Hydrate under eye–  Sometimes creasing is caused by dry skin and for that one has to hydrate skin. There are many ways to hydrate under eye by using different products. Below are the products that you can try.

– moisturizer

-under eye cream

-oil (face oil, olive, almond, coconut, argan oil)

hydrating serums
My favorite Oils .
Paese Tamanu Oil
Shirley Conlon Hydrating Serum

Apply the above product under eye using ring finger in patting motion, leave for about 10 seconds, you can maybe do your brows in the meanwhile? Give the product time to set before moving on to the next step.

2. Apply corrector(Optional)– If you have dark circles or very obvious discoloration under your eye, this is the best time to apply it. There is a huge difference between a corrector and concealer , if you are new to it, check out this post for more information. But if the discoloration is light enough , about 1 or 2 shades darker than your skin tone, then probably you can skip this part. If your concealed area turns gray after sometime, then that’s when you know you need to correct.

Apply corrector using a brush on the dark areas, I prefer leaving it for about 15 seconds then blend.

Different ways to blend( try one method at a time): 

-Use ring finger and blend in patting motion

-Use a dry wedge or any small sponge or beauty blender and pat to blend till it smooths out.

-Use damp sponge and blend the same way as in step 2, but this is my least favorite way for blending corrector as dampened sponge can remove a lot of product as it sheers our the finish.

3. Apply foundation– Now, some would prefer applying foundation first before anything else as foundation may cover many discolorations. But you know well if your discoloration is dark enough that cannot be covered by foundation then do the Step 2 first. If you do not need corrector, the best way is to apply foundation first and you can judge better later, how much concealing you need. Apply foundation under the eye very gently , using very less product as you do not want thick layer underneath your lash line.

Blend by patting and not swiping. Swiping will cause the existing products to move and crumble up. So be very careful in blending. Just pat, pat , pat gently using dry or damp sponge. I have tried using both dry and wet sponge for many days till I got what actually works for me. So again, keep trying! Do not give up.

4. Apply Concealer– By this time, the orange corrector shouldn’t be visible anymore due to foundation(make sure you are using medium to full coverage as light coverage foundation won’t cover the orange completely).  Now if your foundation has light coverage, balance it out with concealer. Use concealer exact shade as your skin tone or one shade lighter so it will do the work of highlighting as well.

how to stop concealer from creasing

Apply concealer under the eyes, just enough to cover the part where natural light would hit. Some would make a triangle but I do not like doing the triangle thingy as I feel it is just unnecessary.

Once applied, leave concealer for 15 to 20 seconds then blend by patting using damp sponge to smooth the surface and without taking long, dip the same sponge on to a loose or pressed powder and set under eye products with it again in patting and dabbing motion. Make sure to smooth out any line due to creasing before setting with powder. Avoid using a lot of powder, you do not need to bake all the time. Baking is useful for very young oily skin but generally, useless as you will struggle more with caking and creasing with it. Instead of damp sponge , you can also use a small fluffly brush to set under eye.

Here is a video I created with another technique that have helped many, hope it will help you too. CLICK HERE

I buy my oils from Paese Cosmetics and

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