Okay so I just read this article yesterday about how easy your life can be now since strobing is discovered.

While contouring seemed to be very heavy with all those different shades of foundation/contour kit, then setting it with two shades of setting/pressed/loose powder , one would end up thinking how much one can put make up on the face. While we watch the beautiful YouTubers show us the different techniques of contouring, we end up looking like we just got sunburn or mistakenly pressed iron on our face instead of clothes. Many of us gave up on the idea of contouring.

So as a rescue to all those who who couldn’t befriend contouring, the experts introduces us to Strobing. In easy words , Highlighting.

Apparently, we don’t need to contour our face, instead, just highlight the face parts where lights hit directly(if you remember the contouring process, highlighting is also a part of it), basically Strobing is “half” of the contour process. :/

Parts that need highlighting: Centre of forehead, tip of nose, browbones, chin, upper cheeks or wherever you want. LOL (as everyone has different ideas on this)

So now, we will expect ladies to wonder :

1. Which products are to be used for Strobing.

2. Which highlighter to get.

3. How much is too much in terms of application.

4. Right shade .

5. From where till where should it be applied.

6. Won’t it be too dewy.

7. Is there a matte highlighter. If so, then would it give the “glow”effect?

8. Won’t one look like a disco light after applying it.

and many many many more questions.

So , is the contouring problem really solved? Is Strobing really easy?

What’s your take on it?

NYX Liquid Illuminator
NYX Liquid Illuminator

P.S I’ve been already doing this since couple of years, using highlighters and illuminators and avoid contouring  as much as possible except for special occasions. <3 I just shared with you all, my favorite illuminator. 🙂

What’s yours?

Thank You for reading everyone!


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  1. I really like highlighting better than contouring, but I’m also very pale so a lot of bronzers look unnatural or orange on me. I just really like the glow you get with highlighting! 🙂

    1. So true!!! However I didn’t like their matte lipsticks. The formula didn’t suit me i guess. Lips became to dry. But rest of the products are just awesome.