When our head is covered, we mostly focus on our face and dress only resulting to total negligence of hair. I am guilty of this. But with so much effort I changed this habit and started taking care of my hair regularly. If they are covered, it doesn’t mean they do not need our attention. Covered or un-covered hair needs equal attention and I am here to share how I do that.


It is very easy, all you need it TIME.

  1. Clean Scarf: Always use clean scarf. We all have that habit of hanging back used scarves waiting for several uses before we wash them. Hygiene is very important. Think about it, we cover our head for several hours outside in the sun, our hair sweats a lot and imagine how much dirt must be accumulated in that scarf. No excuse, wash it specially if you are not using underscarves.
  2. Fabric material: Material of what you wear on your head is very important. I wear silks only on special occasions. For regular use, I prefer breathable material such as viscose, very light cotton and chiffons. It is important for our head and hair get air, and when you constantly cover head specially with under cap it is a bit difficult to do. So using the right material for under caps and scarves is essential.
  3. Clean Underscarves:  As I mentioned earlier, hygiene is very important. So wash your underscarves caps regularly if possible after every use if you are wearing them for longer hours.
  4. Comb Regularly:  Combing hair is something we mostly forget. Not just for women wearing hijab, but even for those who don’t. Strokes of brush/comb helps in blood circulation in our head resulting to nourishing hair. Comb hair regularly in morning and at night. If you struggle with combing your hair and the hair brush doesn’t seem to work, then change it. Use combs for de-tangling but do not be harsh with your hair using the same comb that doesn’t work.
  5. Do Not Use Rubber Bands:  Using rubber bands to tie hair is the worst choice any one can make. Use nice comfy ponies and tie it a little bit loose not too tight. Once the hair is tied tightly , it squeezes the hair causing it to break.
  6. Wash Hair Regularly: By regular, I do not mean DAILY. Do not squeeze out the natural oils by shampooing daily but it doesn’t mean you shower once a week only 
  7. Don’t Tie and Cover Wet Hair: Dry your hair first before covering. But most of the times I end up leaving the house right after showering and the only way I have to dry my hair is by blow drying. However I suggest to let it dry naturally.
  8. Sit in The Sun: I love the sun! You should too. Sunlight provide us with Vitamin D which is essential for hair and scalp. Not only our hair but WE need Vitamin D to help us stay fit and active. Living in an apartment with no balcony and window facing the sun, I am unfortunate in this matter. What I do is, I cover my hair loosely with a very light fabric , go downstairs , sit on the bench for sometime during the mornings of weekdays as there will be less almost no human being visible around 😛

So these are the tips I have for all of you beauties. Take care of your hair, covering them doesn’t at all mean you will keep them un-attended. DO NOT AT ALL THINK NO ONE WILL SEE YOUR HAIR THEN WHY PAY SO MUCH ATTENTION TO IT. REMEMBER, YOUR HAIR IS ONE OF YOUR ASSETS, SAVE THEM AND LOVE THEM FOR YOUR HUSBAND AND OF COURSE FOR YOURSELF. 


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  1. Awesome advice. I don’t have much hair, hence I have to wash my hair everyday else it becomes very oily. I used to wear my hijab very tight, but now I have started wearing lose. I would love to try undercaps, but it just looks so hot in there that I am skeptical to even try it once.

    1. The undercaps’ been life saver for me. They actually come in different material. Get the stretchable cotton one. But if your scarf stay put as is,then don’t go for it.☺