Hidden Pearl Scarves- Review & Tutorials

Hello Sisters!! Hijab tutorials’ been a part of my blogging journey already and the amount of love you all show on my videos is just something that makes my day. To top this joy, I was contacted by Hidden Pearls. They are UK based company that deals with Hijab and modest fashion related items. They sent over 2 beautiful scarves…

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Hijab Stories

Hijab and Makeup

hijabi- hijab- hijab and makeup- hijab stories-

I grew up hearing elders telling me “ You look beautiful the way you are” . This just encouraged me to be as natural as can be. When I started working, I would just have thin eyeliner and a brown or maroon lipstick on. I wanted to have pink lipstick so much, but I heard people tell me that pink…

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Fashion, Hijab Stories

Why I Started Wearing The Hijab

why i started to wear hijab

Hello to all the gorgeous ladies here!!! I feel like it’s been a while since I published my last blog post and kind of missed you all. Though I was on Facebook interacting with you all, but it’s different when you guys come here , hear me out and respond to me. I kind of just missed that. Anyway, I…

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Eid Party Nail Polish Style #1 & 2

/ June 28, 2015

Hi Sissies! Time flies and it’s already the 12th of Ramadan, then with a blink of an eye, it will be Eid , InshaAllah. With Eid, comes a lot of preparations, and for us girls, we love to talk about preparation of our dresses, footwear, bangles, etc. So I decided to be sharing with you all from today, my Eid-related…

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