Tagged: Love/Hate
Tagged: Love/Hate

Hi everyone!

Today’s post will be a bit different as it is a “tagged” related post and I’m participating for the first time. R Cubed gave me this chance to be a part of this fun and interesting activity in the world of bloggers. 🙂


Share 10 things you love and 10 things you hate, and nominate up to 10 blogs to do the same.

Things I love:

1. My Kids

2. Make up 😛

3. Coffee

4. Bounty chocolate

5. Blogging

6. Photography (ever since I started blogging)

7. Teasing my kids & husband 😛

8. P.F Chang’s Dynamite Prawn

9. Drawing/Painting

10. Shopping

Things I hate.

Hmm , not all would fall under “hate” but maybe “dislikes” but I’ll try to list down only the ones are hate.

1. Backbiters

2. Over sensitive friends

3. Show Offs

4. Snakes

5. Dishonest people

6. Ego

7. The fact the we are so glued to latest technology and neglect REAL life 🙁

8. when my loved one hides things from me

9. dirty make up brushes

10. Dried gel eyeliner :/

I tag you 10

Apologies to all those already tagged previously 🙂

1. Radiant Review

2. Allison of milliefeuille

3. Kashmira Lad of Shopping in Stilettos

4. Product Parade

5. Beauty with Robin

6. Brittanys Beauty Blog

7. B with Beauty Numz

8. Twenty-three and up

9. Geek Quest

10. Stuff For your face

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