“Don’t put on that color it’s too light for your skin”. “Don’t buy that lipstick, its way too dark for you” “You will look old with that color”

Do these questions sound familiar? I bet, yes! At least for me, they are. I have heard those ever since I came to know what lipstick was. It has been there all the time, at the back of my mind that I am not a fair-complexioned girl and I shouldn’t be wearing nude lipsticks. Even I can’t wear the bright ones like fuchsia pinks and reds because they are too bright for my skin. Everyone had all the good reasons to shatter my confidence when it comes to colors, be it clothing or makeup.

When buying lipsticks, the three most commonly prohibited colors were usually the nude one, fuchsia pink and red lipstick. I shouldn’t dare touch those or I’ll look like a clown. Even if I gathered the guts to wear, I’ll keep on hearing criticisms right on the spot. Then why bother!


Not until two years ago, my love for makeup increased, I watched all the beauty gurus on YouTube flaunting all those mouth watering lipstick shades. Of course, each and every shade looked really good on them as they were mostly the ideal skin toned girls, “white”! Yes, in our part of the world, girls with white skin are the “ideal” girl. So how can such an ideal girl have any shade look badly on her? If you are someone who belong to the other part of the world with really pale skin, I’m sure you would disagree to what I’m saying as you believe there are shades too that do not suit you. But, society thinks so. Can you stop them? This was the question lingering in my mind every time I see those desirable lipstick colors that I can’t wear, rather not allowed to. But there is always this one person in your life that will push you to do something you have always hesitated, in my case, my husband.


One day, he asked me to try a lipstick that is very light, you put it on, and you can almost not tell it is there. I understood what he meant and so I went to get my very first nude lipstick from Bodyshop. He loved it and so that became my go-to lipstick. That’s where I realized, my skin color is not the problem. It is how we think and how we see things. I need to fix myself as I can’t fix the rest of the world. I actually looked beautiful in nude lipstick, I looked younger and prettier. I told myself maybe the rest of the prohibited colors weren’t that bad either. But there was this hesitation in my heart, so initially I made sure to buy only one dark pink and one bright red. Darn! Did I look hot!


That moment, I felt a huge wall in front of me falling down where I can see lots of different colors beyond that. I felt good to have discovered that my skin actually can carry any kind of color. Name it and I’ll nail it!


The problem was actually me and not the society. People would just talk about you, that’s their work. What matters is how you feel about yourself. Stopping yourself from getting your favorite shade of lipstick somehow would make you unhappy.

Do you really want that to happen? It is not a big deal, go grab it and wear with confidence, you are to judge yourself not

others. Important is how you see yourself. Don’t stop yourself from pulling off anything very neatly, be it clothing, makeup, jewellery or whatsoever just because someone said so.

I may not fit to someone’s ideal description of a beautiful girl but I don’t care. I know I am because I am confident. If you are someone who loves nude lipstick but can’t because of your skin color, make a list of all the nudes you want and go get them. At least try and wear them confidently, you just don’t realize you will just look more beautiful and not otherwise.

pizap.com14398880934001If you are someone who can’t have dark eyebrows because you have light hair color, let me tell you this, make up is an art, and there is no rules for art, so go ahead get your eyebrows done black, brown, green, blue whatever you want and show the world, how beautiful you are. Be happy in your skin, do not restrict yourself and wear all the colors.

If you are able to get the message behind this post, please share with everyone . Someone out there might just need motivation.

Important Note: This article is written by myself based on personal experience and originally posted on www.

Models: Aisha Mustafa & Navela Altaf

Photography: Makeup World by Veena


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  1. Wow this was great post! I absolutly agree – I for example hate it when super light lipstick shades are being called “nude”! Nude for whom? What is a perfect nude for me isn’s nude for women with darker skintone then me! (Me being the whitest person on the planet, quite literaly). With that being said, a lot of girls come to me asking if this or that color would suit them and my answer is always: If you like the color and feel comfortable wearing it, then it’s the right color for you and don’t let anyone tell you diferent! Thanks for sharing your experiance and btw all these colors look great on you 🙂

    1. Agreed 100% One should wear whatever he/she is comfortable with.
      That’s my beautiful friend in the picture who volunteered to model for me as she can completely relate to my feelings 🙂

  2. I am yet to find my perfect ‘nude’ even though it apparently exists, others might find it is for them, but I am still looking. Great post x

  3. Great post! I struggle with that myself, never knowing what to wear due to fear of what others might think so I usually end up not wearing anything and not necessarily feeling any better about it. Best just to adopt the attitude, if you love it, wear it. Let your confidence show and everyone else can just get used to it. The colors you chose look beautiful, by the way.

  4. So glad you did this post:) Very inspirational!!! I personally think there is no such thing as the ideal look based on skin tone. There are beautiful women in every skin tone whether that is fairest of them all or the milky dark chocolate and anywhere in between lol!!! We should embrace our beauty no matter what our skin tone, I am proud that I am not the “ideal” look, being unique and different, is what society would categorize me as, but that is exactly what has made me the person I am today…proud to be different. I rock bold red and bright pink lipsticks all the time, they are my absolute favorite:) Fantastic post, very well done!!!!

    1. Thanks hun for reading. I have seen your photos wearing the lightest shades and you look as good as in dark ones too. As i said there are no rules to makeup and let it be that way. We are unique in our own way and that’s what makes each of us beautiful.

  5. Veena Youre really Cute MashaaAllah,Not this happen but i dont feel that comfort in nude as they dont match my skin color.the girst step i did was skincare than tried everything.

  6. i loved your article.. it helped me a lot!!! thank you very much… btw I am on instagram by name HIMALI MATWANKAR as I am using my brother ‘s you tube account name Himanshu matwankar…

  7. You’re right. We all have the freedom to choose what we want in life.. same goes with make-ups or whatever we use on our face. If we’re comfortable using this or that shade then we must go and continue using that as long as we’re not offending anyone.