As a child, I was always fascinated by the beauty of gowns. I am one of the luckiest to be able to wear such dresses since I was five. Since that age, I have always participated in everything beauty related and I grew up with the love of watching beauty pageants. The last time I wore a gown was during my high school when I took part in school beauty pageant. Let me just make a quick mention that I was the first runner-up. <3

I am part of a culture where evening gowns are not a part of, at all. Our brides wear our national dress. Though I knew all that facts, I still loved looking at brides, I think they look so beautiful once they have their special dress on. Such apparel are just so enchanted that they bring out the little princess inside us.

No one can blame me for having the interest of looking at the latest collections released by talented designers. is a UK-based shop that I came across. They cater to every type of customer, of all ages and body types. They offer the most exquisite and elegant wedding dresses from the simplest to the most extravagant ones. They have a range of collection of wedding party wear, evening , formal , bridesmaid and cocktail dresses that will give you the best possible kind of chills. All these for a very reasonable price. They have some amazing discounts and special deals that are perfect for any occasion. Their designs are not just affordable but they are according to the latest trends. So if you are looking for a place to get a high quality dress for a competitive price, check them out now.

I have selected few beautiful gowns that are my favorites.

Fancy-Chiffon-Natural-Princess-Floor-length-Dresses-13599 Ball-Gown-Sleeveless-Natural-waist-Floor-length-Bridal-Gown-12513-1






5501-W3389-sea-1Aren’t they stunning? Go get one for yourself and be the one ti make all heads turn 😉




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