Being a busy mom of two with full time blog to attend to ,life can be hectic at times. With my busy schedule, a lot of dirty laundry piled up one after the other and thank God to the app “Washmen“, this is what makes life in Dubai so easy sometimes, with just a click, you get different services. So they came to the rescue and it was such a relief.

How to avail:

Download from HERE

After downloading, Sign up and you are good to go!


washmen app- dubai
The App


washmen app
Front Page of app

So here is screenshot of the app to get you started. Just choose your preference ;Classic Order or Insta Order. I suggest explore both options before anything.

Services I availed:

I chose the “Wash & Fold” as it is the most affordable option esp with the amount of clothes I have. For this option , they give you a BLUE BAG where you can fill in as many clothes as you want. Keep in mind , they will wash them and fold NOT press. So I found it best for kids home clothes, our home clothes, bedsheets, towels etc. The bag is huge enough to carry as many as 40pcs items on an average of course depending on size. Mine was lesser since I gave bedsheets and towels and volume of these are huge.


Classic Order: AED79 only

Insta Order: AED65 only

Can store an average of 40pcs
laundry dubai- wahsmen









Second option I went for was the “Clean+Press” and I gave my Abayas, Office shirts etc which came washed and properly pressed and hanged. Prices of each item are listed in app so it is really very convenient.

With this , they gave you extra bags for your next order , which I will be placing soon as I am traveling. Yes, for traveling, since I won’t be having a lot of time to wash everything and press them and I so hate folding , so Washmen will definitely be a good option and my suitcases will look so neat and clean. Watch out my Instagram, to see how I keep the clothes in my suitcase.

This app/services is useful for whom:

!. Busy “Stay at home Mom” OR Working moms

2. Traveling

3. Anyone who just hates washing and folding like myself 

4. Those having no balconies at home to dry the clothes.

5. Those who have washing machines that takes forever to dry the clothes like mine. LOL

Besides the above, they do have very quick services, you can schedule pick up and drop off time as per your choice and best part is they are affordable.



Download app HERE


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