connectbloggermakeupworldbyveenDear Beauty Bloggers,

We as bloggers know so well how much Followers , Subscribers and Views matter to us. I have always made it a point to interact and connect with fellow beauty bloggers by visiting their blogs and engaging in discussions. It is just easy for me to visit as either they are already in my mailing list or are my followers. So just want to make the initiative of connecting more beauty bloggers in one platform so we can help each other grow but above that, we will actually get the opportunity to interact with like minded people. So drop links to your blogs in the comment box below and I will include it in my post so I and other fellow beauty bloggers can visit regularly. Let us all make this small effort, and we will definitely give our blogs that boost in traffic.

Through this post, I will be sending updates to each of you regarding effective collaboration with each other. By effective, I mean something that will help us get our website to another level. I am working on it and so I would like a lot of girls to benefit too. Who knows, someday ,this post will be a source for PR’s to find bloggers they like. <3

This I am doing as and appreciation for all those lovely girls who has been with me through out this journey , I got to learn from them and they learned from me. That’s how things work I guess.

All I want you to do is visit the links submitted here, subscribe to them and visit regularly. This way , all of us will actually be interacting at the same time boosting our traffic up. But before anything, please drop your email on the “Get Updates” box on the right hand side bar of my page. or check the bottom of this post.

So keep the links coming in!!!



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