I just realized how much I missed posting here. It’s been a while but we can’t avoid it because life happens, right? Anyways I have some amazing information for you all,an organic love story. I call it organic love story because when ever I see the products or think about this brand , I remember that moment when Goran (Owner) explained to me what WoMn stand for. Read along, it is totally worth it.

Goran’s wife Nena, like any loving and supportive wife,encouraged him and supported him with his passion to start a homemade organic skin care line. Seeing how far he’d come,Goran thought of giving a little tribute to the wife ,so here is the shortest love story ever. WoMn stands for Wife Of Mine Nena  Isn’t it cute?

Introduction to the team behind the brand: 

An organic home-made skin care line based in Abu dhabi , U.A.E. Goran is a qualified Master of Pharmacy from Croatia with over 16 years of working experience in pharmaceutical and cosmetical industry. He and his wife ,together, started this project to pursue his passion for aromatherapy, exploring natural and essential oils and combining them together.

To know more on this brand, I asked 3 question below:

1. Is WoMn Organic?

WoMn products are organic. All carrier oils and essential oils we use come from reputable and responsible vendors based in EU or USA. We work only with vendors who can and do provide analytical reports and all necessary certificates for their ingredients. That is important because without proper documentation there would be impossible to distinguish organic from non-organic ingredients. As for other, auxiliary, ingredients in our products we are proud to say that in our work we follow guidelines and recommendations from international standard for organic and natural cosmetic products called COSMOS. So only those ingredients and processes allowed by this international standard are used in our products.

2. What is the best product in your collection right now and why?

I can not pick just one product but rather one group of products, and those are our facial creams. The reason for that is simple – creams are technologically the most difficult products and they require wide knowledge and experience in all chemistry, pharmacy, technology and cosmetology. Only with understanding of all those aspects one can make good complex cream that can satisfy both physiological needs of certain  skin type and physical properties required by clients. That is, also, the reason why we have 3 different facial creams aimed for different skin types – Argan&Rose for dry to normal skin, Argan&Neroli for combination to normal skin and Verbenone for oily to combination skin.

3. Why should people go for WoMn skin care range?

WoMn is not just about selling skincare products. Our goal is to show and educate people what is the difference between natural and organic skincare products and commercial skincare products. We constantly urge people to read labels and ask questions in order to get more information about skincare products.
We believe that if people know and understand more about skincare products and their ingredients they will be able to make a better decision when choosing which one to use.

They were kind enough to send me some samples on some of their products after a long discussion on my sin type and skin concerns. I gave myself a good 2 weeks before finally coming out with my review and here it goes….

Womn cosmetics, organic skincare
These are the products I received as a sample and not in their actual packaging.
Womn Vanilla & Lemon Scrub, organic skin care
Actual Packaging Photo by : WoMn

Vanilla & Lemon Face Scrub: 

Let’s talk about my most favorite from the lot. This facial scrub has mainly dark brown sugar immersed in the goodness of vanilla and lemon.

“Divine fragrance of caramel and cane enhanced with true vanilla oil and lemon essential oil is exactly what your skin needs”

Facial scrubs are used to exfoliate skin and if you know me for a while, you should be knowing my love for scrubs. Apply this scrub on damp face and massage gently and feel the sugar melt on to skin leaving it super hydrated, clean and fresh. I just can’t stretch enough how much I love this one. I exfoliate skin twice a week and sometimes thrice depending on skin condition.

Price AED50  20% discount on the first order, and entering into WoMn  loyalty program that allows customers 10-15 % discount on all purchases after that,  based on minimum amount spent  (300 aed and above). To order please contact HERE

Womn Anti shine serum

Anti- shine Serum: 

My next favorite from the lot is their anti-shine serum. It feels so amazing. It keeps my skin from being greasy esp the T-zone. I love using it esp before makeup it helps mattifies everything making my skin look glowing and fresh. So if you have oily or combination to oily skin, hazelnut is something that will work wonders on your skin and this serum is a combination of hazelnut along with many other lovely ingredients (pls.refer below for ingredients.)

Additional tip: Apply as a primer before foundation. The formula is perfect to hold foundation in tact for hours 😉

Face serums 160 AED 20% discount on the first order, and entering into WoMn  loyalty program that allows customers 10-15 % discount on all purchases after that,  based on minimum amount spent  (300 aed and above). To order please contact HERE

Argan & Neroli Hydrating Cream: 

Did you know that even with oily or combination to oily skin, you still need to moisturize? Been reminding everyone about this since a year now. If you didn’t know, well now you know. 😀 It is very important to keep skin moisturized and hydrated no matter what your skin type is. The best thing about this cream is it is hydrating but not greasy at all. The least I would want it for my face to shine like anything due to grossness of oil. So it is very important for me to have a cream that will nourish my skin, hydrate and not grease at the same time and this cream does this job. It has virgin Argan Oil(which is my fave oil) and Organic Neroli water , combined to give skin the perfect goodness it deserves.

Face creams 150 aed 20% discount on the first order, and entering into WoMn  loyalty program that allows customers 10-15 % discount on all purchases after that,  based on minimum amount spent  (300 aed and above). To order please contact HERE

Last but not least is the Calming Lavender body scrub which I will be reviewing next time.


WoMn Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womn.cosmetics/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/womn.cosmetics/



Disclaimer: Sample products were provided to me for free in exchange of review and all feedback is my honest opinion. I am not in any way paid for this.


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