There are a couple of things I really would like the new bloggers to know , something that I have come across and thought might be a good topic to touch. I am by no means a big time blogger but yeah, I have learned a lot. If you are a blogger you’d know how much we learn on daily basis.

There are a couple of terms and terminologies that a blogger has to know. Be specific with what you are trying to convey.

As I mentioned earlier, I am not an expert buy I have interacted with bloggers on a daily basis since April2015, daily, yes daily! So here are few words I want share with you guys that maybe not all of you know.

  1. Blog-  Blog is the web page or platform that consists of different posts related to a subject of your choice. We will not get into details for this one. So when you say visit my blog, we will assume you are talking about a website where you upload your posts. For example, if you blog on beauty, you upload a review on a certain product on a website(WORDPRESS, BLOGGER OR OWN -these are the commonly used) so we will visit your or or

Do not mix these up with other social media such as Facebook page, Instagram, Twitter etc.

P.S:I do not at all say you can’t call your Instagram your blog, but it is always better to be specific and use the right names.

2. Social Media– Most commonly used social medias are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Bloglovin. There are many others but these are the mostly discussed about. Use the specific names instead of calling it a blog to avoid any confusion. For example, A blogger might post it like ” I need to reach 500 likes in my blog” I would want to click the link provided but then I realize it is Facebook page. I am not much interested in FB pages but I am interested in blogs, so be specific and use the right term when you are communicating with fellow bloggers.

3. Facebook Page- Another commonly confused term  is the Facebook page. I asked a blogger to send  me link to her Facebook page and she said she isn’t comfortable sharing her page as it is for her friends and family only. Later through the conversation, I came to know she didn’t actually know what FB page is. One is your personal account on Facebook where you add your friends and family ( ideally). People can add you as friend by sending you request and vice versa. While on a Facebook Page, it is public, anyone can view and the way to connect with you will be by clicking the “Like” button and not friend request. People use page for promotion mostly. Promote ones self, business, blog etc.

4. Follow & Like- Know when to use the terms ‘follow’ & ‘Like’ . When you say “follow my blog” , I will go to your blog and search for the follow button. As simple as that. WordPress has the follow button but I’m not sure about Blogspot. But, I have seen Blogspot users saying” follow my blog” , I go there and I am lost. Later, I am told to actually “follow” through GFC. So it would be really nice to instead say “follow my blog through GFC” if you do not have the follow button or say “follow me through email” or “subscribe to my blog through email”. Sharing your Facebook page link saying “Follow my blog” will give the impression that we are supposed to find the link to your blog in your Facebook page and follow you there when what you actually wanted was a “like” for your page. See, this is how important using the right terms is.

Hope you find this post helpful, if yo are new to blogging, you might want to check some blogging do’s and don’t over here and if you are a beauty blogger, I have some blogging ideas for you here. 🙂


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