You’re asking me why I wear a lot of makeup? Asking me why I own a lot of makeup?

I admit, my makeup collection is way more than what a girl should have. But I love makeup, I love seeing them, buying them, wearing them and collecting them. Is that harmful for you? No, then why ask me that question??

makeup collection

This post is dedicated to all the girls who has to deal with such questions in their daily lives, being looked at in a way that feels so uncomfortable causing low self-esteem and is specially for those who have these questions in their mind.

Being someone who not only love collecting makeup but love wearing them too, I deal with such questions and have to bear people looking at me as if I’m a whore who wears too much makeup to get boys’ attention or sympathetically , as if I am someone who is so insecure and not comfortable in my skin. Why? Why does it have to be like that?


I wear makeup because I love it – I just love it.

I wear makeup because I am an artist – Artist just paints and isn’t bothered with what shades or how many shades he/she is using on the canvas.

I wear makeup because I love to create – I create different looks on myself, not because I hate how I look like, but because I want to see myself in different possible ways I can. Life is too short to stick to only one thing! I need to challenge the artist in me by polishing my skills.

I wear makeup because it makes me happy– Not that I am a miserable person, or that I am unhappy with my family and seek happiness in makeup. Just that I am generally happy with my life that little things such as makeup adds to the happiness. Stay as happy as you can be.

I wear makeup because I have a lot of makeup– when you go for a buffet dinner, you do not eat just one or two dishes, you try to put every single thing, served, inside your mouth! Can’t give better example than this. So If I am spending my hard-earned money on something I love, I will use it as much as I want.

Your next question would probably be , why buy a lot of makeup then? I have answered that already, I love makeup. There must be something you love. Maybe you love collecting coins, jewellery , diamonds , crockery,shoes…??? When people can keep on buying more decorations even though they already have a lot, then why does my makeup obsession seems so “strange” ? Not unless I am taking money from you to spend on my makeup, you shouldn’t have the problem with it.

No , I am not suffering from any kind of inferiority complex. It’s just that I am confident enough that I can pull off any kind of look I do and any color I want. If you are so confident, why not try some of my looks? 🙂

On top of everything, I am a beauty blogger. My blog is all about beauty related stuff. I try different things and share with others what I think of certain products. Companies send me products to try , I buy new products so I can tell my readers how amazing they are or if they should just not waste money on them. This way, my collection just keeps growing day by day.

So the next time you see a girl with cake face, please don’t judge her and give her those looks. If you see someone having a “lot” of makeup, don’t wonder why, because there can be plenty of reasons that you are unaware of.

On a second note, there might be this girl wearing a lot of foundation because of hiding some imperfections on her face. She feels shy going out bare face, and wearing foundation makes her feel confident. So, you telling her, that she is way prettier without makeup is completely pointless, because this girl saw herself in the mirror , didn’t feel beautiful and so she decided to cover it and then felt beautiful. So you actually aren’t helping. There might be this woman who cried a lot the previous night and couldn’t sleep due to which she had weary eyes the next day and so she went for a heavy eye makeup and foundation, it doesn’t at all mean she thinks she is ugly. Point is, we all have different reasons, understand and respect that. Do not just snap at anyone with baseless lectures. Your intention might be good but there are many that will be offended. Try changing your approach.

All that being said, I believe everyone is beautiful, with or without makeup. We should learn to embrace ourselves the way we are. Our love for makeup has nothing to do with how much we love/hate ourselves. Please do not judge. Be helpful and respectful.

To see how I organize my lipstick, click here.

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Disclaimer: Though I am supporting makeup, I believe that one shouldn’t apply makeup without their parents’ consent.(If you are not an adult) There is always the right time for everything and with makeup , one needs to look after the skin first.



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  1. You are right who are we to judge if someone is wearing makeup or not? We are all entitled to freedom of choice and should not be put down because we like something that is considered as superficial in the eyes of society. For the record makeup is not superficial it is an expression of identity.

  2. Makeup is damn if you do, damn if you don’t. I love makeup and for me it’s a political thing. Makeup shaming goes together with slut shaming and things like that.
    I love makeup and how it makes me feel. It makes me feel prettier, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to be pretty.
    Thanks for writing this./love Ida

  3. No one can tell you if you’re right or wrong by buying make up. It’s your money, right?
    I do love make up, I even take classes about it. I’m going to be a truely certified make up artist and I own a lot of make up. If we’re guilty of something, then we’re guilty together!! 😀


  4. Ur absolutely ryt I do love wearin makesup hater says it becoz thy dont hav makeup or thy dont knw dis art usin makeup n infact I have learned manythings frm ur blog ur awesome

  5. I totally agree with you, even though the post sounds a bit aggressive maybe.
    I love buying and wearing makeup and I hate people who judge me because of that! However, i do find myself judging when I do not find the makeup appropriate to the occasion or badly applied, then less is more I find…
    but as always it is personal opinions and everyone is free to do whatever they please as long as nobody gets hurt 😀

  6. great post and wonderful answers! While I dont deal with people judging me in ways like an “attention whore” (yikes) I do get those some side eyes when some people realize how big my collection of makeup is. lol Fortunately I have a lot of very understanding people in my life who “get it” and realize makeup is a part of my job AND hobby. SO its all good. However – I still 100% agree with your answers! I consider myself an artist and makeup an form of art! To be enjoyed just as much as any other form! ♥

  7. You tell it, girl! I totally agree with you — I just LOVE playing with makeup! I don’t HAVE to put on so much makeup on the daily…but I enjoy it! It’s very relaxing for me to apply makeup or create a fun eyeshadow look. 🙂

  8. I dunno if those pics were of your entire collection, but if they are, then I have a SERIOUS problem, because I know I have 10x that!

  9. I’m with u on this one i love to buy makeup all the time most girls want a walk in closet full of boots and shoes i want one full of makeup lol all kinds and i would be a very happy girl