Zanedo- My First Box

After my experience with Glambox, I decided to give Zanedo a try since there is no any beauty subscription boxes in U.A.E besides these two names. I couldn’t really find a lot of reviews about Zanedo but their Facebook page does have some mixed reviews. I asked some really close friends for their opinion as they were already subscribed and they told me to go for it. So I gave it a shot!

A little about the customer service: 

I believe it is very important to review not just the products but the customer service as well, as buying something is a process where customer service counts a lot. So, I registered in the month of July around 1st or 2nd week. I got no email confirmation due to which I totally forgot I ever subscribed. Around 2nd week of August I received my 1st box and I paid around AED195. When I checked my email again, I couldn’t actually find a single mail from Zanedo , not the confirmation of my registration nor the payment I did. In short, no sign of me subscribed to them and that too paid. I tried logging in to my account which was a failure , none of my ID’s were accepted and I couldn’t log in. I tried calling them on the number provided on their website and Facebook page but all not working. By chance if it rings, no one would pick. I was so frustrated and disappointed as I had a travel coming up and I wanted to tell them on some changes I’d want  to make but total fail!

Desperate as I was, I took the matter to my social media, which I normally don’t do but I was left with no option. I posted the matter on my Instagram and Facebook, guess what, my post was noticed after 2 weeks of it publishing. I do not remember so well but I guess he was the owner himself who contacted me , gave me a number which luckily worked and finally the matter was solved and due to some technical issues, that was the reason I couldn’t log in. My 2nd box was delivered in my absence on the secondary address I provided which was a total relief.

Anyways, let’s get on to the box itself and watch out the end of the post for my final verdict.

The Box

zaned0- subscription box - uae subscription b



In the box, you get 3 products from The Body shop, one full-sized body scrub, a sample sized body wash and a loofah.



We also had an energy drink which was really nice to be included.



This is probably my favorite in the pack. 2 products for hand treatment, as I am so into hand creams this was a surprise.


zanedo subscription box


Another fun products are from Dr.Organics , a soap bar and a lip balm which I already am using.

bath bomb

I haven’t met anyone else yet who doesn’t fancy bath bombs. I love these tiny bombs to give me a relaxed bath time.


Final Verdict:

I personally love the products given in my first subscription box with Zanedo. subscription boxes usually are for us ladies to be able to try new and different products and I believe this box did the job. I get to try different products and brands I haven’t tried yet. I think Zanedo is so worth every penny just that they should seriously work on their delivery system and customer service.

To register :


***Disclaimer: The products mentioned in this post are purchased with my own money. All views expressed is my honest take on the subject.

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